About XRCW

We dream. We connect. We make ideas happen.

Xerox Research Center Webster (XRCW) in New York is the place where our research ideas and complex business challenges meet. We bridge the gap between dreaming and delivering. We make technology work and ideas happen.

For more than 50 years the innovations developed at this center, located near Rochester, NY, have contributed to the most successful products and services in Xerox’s history.  The breadth and depth of expertise we offer in areas such as system design, imaging, computing and marking science contribute to Xerox’s ability to solve complex business problems for customers.

A Proven Track Record

Internationally recognized for its pioneering work in xerography, XRCW’s world-class researchers have contributed significantly to the technical foundation and intellectual property protection for Xerox’s document-technology business, which spans office equipment (printers, copiers, multifunction office equipment), production equipment (digital presses, production printers, wide format printers and workflow software) and services. The innovation we bring to document systems, software and integrated solutions is unparalleled in the industry and is built into our broad portfolio of technology, for businesses of any size, in any industry, anywhere around the world.

Extending Our Capabilities

Today, XRCW is applying and extending our capabilities in a number of different directions. Three key areas of our work include:

  • Solving problems related to big data analytics, cloud and distributed IT systems, and machine vision for Xerox Services. XRCW researchers, because of their deep expertise in a wide array of competencies and their experience in using a "system-view" approach to solving problems, play an important role in the development of innovation for Xerox Services, which provides business process services in a number of industries. 
  • Using waterless inkjet technology to deliver new levels of productivity, reliability and sustainability to the digital printing industry.
  • Exploring how Xerox can automate and simplify the way knowledge workers interact with paper and electronic documents, and researching ways to help workers manage business processes while in the office or on the move.

Looking to Customers

XRCW’s focus on “Customer Led Innovation” helps strengthen the market relevance of all our research. We frequently seek opportunities to work directly with customers, who we view as our partners in innovation. We specialize in “dreaming with customers” about what the future can be like.

Delivering Innovation

We invite you to explore this Website to learn more about our laboratories, our people and the work we do every day. We are passionate explorers that excel at transforming ideas into reality, and our vision is clear: XRCW fuels Xerox’s growth and market expansion by delivering innovations that customers love.