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Tong Sun, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist and Manager, Scalable Data Analytics Research


Tong is a Principal Scientist and also leads a research lab at the Xerox Research Center Webster with three strategic focuses: (1) build and deliver social analytic platform cross multiple Line of Businesses (LOBs) and integrating social intelligence with vertical business processes, such as customer care, retail, transportation and healthcare.; (2) lead a core team to drive the XIG Big Data Center of Excellence in discovering new insights from big data through fusing a variety of data sources including text, graph, spatial, temporal and video data; (3) provide predictive analytic thought-leadership in Urban Informatics initiative. Tong is a passionate and experienced research leader and technology innovator in incubating new concepts, development advanced prototypes and delivering competitive technologies to market opportunities in a cross-disciplinary and cross-functional team environment. Due to her outstanding technical leadership, Tong was selected as a member for US Frontier of Engineering Symposium by National Academy of Engineering in 2012.

Tong's specialties include: R&D leadership, big data computing, social media mining, predictive data analytics, service oriented architecture, knowledge management and ontology modeling, business process automation and decision support. She has also led several open innovation projects in past years with external academic institutions, and is currently an Adjunct Faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Tong received her Ph.D. in Distributed Computing and Parallel Processing from the University of Rhode Island and joined Xerox research center in 1995.  Tong has authored and co-authored more than 30 papers in prestigious conferences and journals and holds ten US patents and over twenty patent pending applications.She has served as Guest Journal Editor, Industry Liaison Chair, Special Session Chair, and Program Committee Member in various international conferences.

More personal side of Tong – “What makes my every working day a joy is the intelligent, creative, supportive and friendly people I work with at Xerox. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy taking pictures of places and people that touched my heart, traveling and down-hill skiing with my family, and teaching. My dream is someday I can travel around the world to teach and help underprivileged children.”


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